Safe and secure flying

Paramotoring is a convenient way to enjoy engine powered solo flight. You’ll be taught the basics of pre-flight checking, making sure your equipment is safe and understanding the launch and landing procedures. You’ll also learn in-flight controls so you can manoeuvre the paramotor yourself whilst the piloting instructor monitors and ensures you are capable and secure.


ground handlingParamotor training

Training is split into two types of sessions:

Single Day Paramotor Training
for only £135

This covers a single day of one to one tuition. Typically, three full days are required before you are ready for your first solo flight.

Unlimited Paramotor Training

With a single one off fee , (price on application) you can take as many training sessions as you like. You may prefer to take your time and learn at a more relaxed pace. You’ll receive tuition until you complete your first solo paramotor flight – until that point you can have as many sessions as you want.

Both types of training sessions have all the equipment provided for you. So, other than a pair of sturdy boots there is little else you’ll require.

If you’re ready for solo paramotor flight training or would like to know more about it then call Adam on 07973 670 052, and you'll soon be flying.

Pamotor Training Area in Nottinghamshire

Paramotor training will take place near Hucknall, Nottinghamshire.

Flights can be over Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire.

Your pilot and trainer, Mr. Fish

Many years ago, Adam Fish originally started out as a skydiving enthusiast and then became a skilled Paramotor pilot and trainer. Having had the pleasure of introducing many newcomers to the sport, he now provides training sessions in the East Midlands throughout the entire year.

To start flying just call Adam on -

mobile: 07973 670 052

or email: [email protected]

Additional reading material

The following pdf files regarding Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions and Booking are available for you to download and read. (Right click on the link and "Save Target As..." to download a pdf file directly to your machine.)

Disclaimer - Informs you of the personal risks and responsibilities whilst Paramotor flying.

Terms and Conditions - Conditions that must be met when booking a Paramotor lesson.

You may need to install Adobe Reader to view the pdf files.